25.07.2017: A330 immediate captain positions with Lucky Air

17.07.2017: Chance for B737EFIS and low PIC time captains

Attention! Open Day and Simulator assessement in Bogota and Miami. Line Captains for airlines in China. 


This portal was designed by active captains working in China. And this is to help pilots, who have given a thought of working in China, make first steps towards getting a job in China. Herein is the chance to hear it from those who actually made it till the end.

With our help you will be able to:

  • access ATPL exam preparation source which is mainly used by chinese pilots to prepare. The database is updated every week and already proved to be very effective (90% of candidates pass exam with first atempt)
  • solve the issue should you have difficulties while passing initial medical examination.
  • arrange the simulator training with chinese instructor to get familiar with airlines requirements to increase your chances to pass the sim ride.

Together with outstanding service we provide you also will have: 

  1. Experience of world known airlines conducting interview without agencies (Etihad, Emirates, Korean)
  2. No obligation to work with agnecy through which you apply (even if you haven't sign anything you will beforced to work with them)
  3. Direct communication with airlines staff
  4. Airlines doctor consultations regarding medical examination in China (what to expect, procedures, health requirements). Initial medical is very strict in China. Needless to say only 30% pass medical from the first attempt. But thereare ways to prepare yourself to pass it with less complications.

Here you can also find the materials for ATPL test preparation, details for medical, sim check scenarios and much more!.

Check our "vacancies" page for detailed packages or simply download the applicatio form below.

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