Miami and Bogota Roadshow

Company: Expat Pilot Consulting

Expat Pilot consulting would like to present a number of airlines and private jet operators looking for pilots to fly their aircraft in China. During the presentation in Bogota and Miami  we will show:

We would also disclose the details you should know before picking up the agency to work with, and of course all your questions are welcome, as the purpose of the roadshow is not to force you into a particular job, but to provide you with all the information that you need to find a job that suits you.

General Requirements:
- total flight hours 3000+
- PIC hours on type 300+
- age below 55 years
- preference is given to Airbus family aircraft, Boeing 737, Embraer 190, CRJ 900


Exclusively for Tianjin Airlines (A320) and Fuzhou Airlines (B737) there will be a simulator assessment in Miami - company simulator entry test. Should you wish to join one of these airlines and do the simulator test, let us know so we could book a slot time for you. Simulator slots are limited.


For further questions contact Jane Wen (executive director) on +86 138 8199 9242 (WhatsApp and phone number) or email

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